“Strictly speaking, the humans of the age of affluence are surrounded not so much by other humans, as there were in previous ages, but by objects”

                                           –  Baudrillard 1998:25


We are a human race living on this planet earth, surrounded with physical objects , resources and spaces that we use to define ourselves and our culture. supported by nonphysical ideas like beliefs, values, rules, norms, morals, language, organisation and institution.

And these non physical aspects of our culture defines our thoughts, feelings , behavior and perceptions. which intern shapes the objects we use, the resources we consume and the spaces we live in.

We at Teurn Genie facilitate, Research,  Envision, Strategize, Design and Prototype these objects, considering all these physical and non physical aspects of culture and environment.


     PRODUCT            design       

  Product Strategy                   Product Design                   CAD Modelling             Product Styling         Concept Engineering   Product Specification    (Colour, Finish Materials           & Processes )



Sheet Metal Design       Mechanical Design       Plastic Engineering        BOM/Cost Estimation      Jigs & Fixture     Detailing/Shop drawings Reverse Engineering 



 Furniture Design            Home Ware & Decor              Corporate Gifting                  Street Furniture                      Building Products &  Systems                    Landscape & Interiors      Products & Systems        Diversified Craft Products  Retail Design



  User Research             Market Research       Product Research   User/Market Surveys   Ergonomic Study         Product     Inference     Concept Study       Feasibility study

  •   Mock-up Models
  •   Full Scale Models
  •   Functional Prototypes
  •   Miniature Models
  •   Rapid Prototyping
  •   Low Fidelity Models
  •   Clay Modelling

” Do the best you can until you know better. Then      when you know better do better”. Maya Angelo



happy brands advertising

The Chairman and Managing Director of one of our clients company was leaving the organisation. the client briefed us that they would like to give a parting gift as a souvenir to him. They wanted us to make the souvenir using their raw material used for paper making.

We briefed them about the specific requirement and they came up with a brilliant memento design. Our client liked them and teurn genie design collaborative ensured it delivered with perfection in the given time frame. This souvenir was presented at a gala function and was appretiated by one and all.


” I would recommend product design services of Teurn Genie Design   Collaborative as their ideas are novel and innovative.”


Apart from the grandeur and traditional aspects of Ram Charan and Upasana’s wedding, the thing that caught the attention of all the guests at the venue is the alluring ‘Nandi’.


” The Nandi impressed the guests so much so that, many of them enquired about how it was designed and who had done it. It’s really surprising that a ‘Nandi’ has become a special attraction at Charan’s wedding.”